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About This Project

Rijnstate sells Multi Cuisine Arnhem to Huuskes


Huuskes Enschede Beheer B.V. (“Huuskes”) has acquired 100% of the shares of Multi Cuisine Arnhem B.V. (“MCA”) of Rijnstate (“Rijnstate”). The Compass Finance team assisted Rijnstate during the sale.


MCA, a subsidiary of Rijnstate in Arnhem, is an innovative organisation specialised in preparing meals for large groups of patients in the healthcare sector. MCA, founded in 1994 out of the kitchen of Rijnstate hospital, currently prepares approximately 3,000 qualitative chilled meals and 1,600 bread meals per day to various hospitals, care institutions and home care. MCA is specialised in dietary foods.


Managing a kitchen and purchasing and distributing meals are no core activities of Rijnstate. These activities need more and more expertise. Rijnstate had the wish to outsource these activities to a specialised company while maintaining the quality of the patient meals.


MCA, located in the basement of the hospital in Arnhem, has moved to a location of Huuskes in Apeldoorn after the acquisition. The current clients will be delivered unchanged from Apeldoorn, amongst which the hospital locations in Arnhem and Zevenaar and nursing home Liemerije. The approximately 100 employees will keep working for MCA.


Rijnstate is a top clinical hospital organisation with locations in Arnhem, Zevenaar, Velp, Dieren and Arnhem-South. With approximately 5,500 employees Rijnstate is the largest employer of the Arnhem region.


Huuskes is a total supplier of fresh, dry groceries, convenience and frozen food products for major consumers (a.o. hospitals, nursery homes, homes for elderly, but also large hotels and restaurants, company canteens and caterers).


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