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Management Buy-Out / Buy-In

Management Buy-out

Whether you, as management, wish to acquire your company in its entirety or partially, the process is referred to as a Management Buy-out (MBO). The accomplishment of an MBO is sensitive, as it changes the relationship between yourselves, as management, and the shareholders. Important in this process is mutual trust and respect. It is therefore essential that the seller and the management team agree on the rules of engagement – for, during and after the negotiation process – up front.


Management Buy-in

Should you wish to acquire an established company at which you do not work, it is referred to as a Management Buy-in (MBI). In conjunction with you, we establish a search profile to determine the criteria for the to-be-acquired company, and assist you with the search for a suitable company.


We have extensive experience with MBO and MBI processes. We coordinate a thorough approach from the initial orientation meetings, to the mapping of financial requirements, to performing a company valuation, into negotiations, the arranging of finance and the execution of the transaction.