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EPS Customer Solutions

About This Project

Compass Finance assists EPS Customer Solutions on the sale to BECHT


Compass Finance provided assistance to EPS Customer Solutions B.V. on the sale to BECHT Europe B.V.


BECHT Europe B.V. and EPS Customer Solutions B.V. have come together to better serve Refining, Petrochemical, and Renewable customers in the European, Middle Eastern and African regions. EPS Customer Solutions is providing expert consultancy and technical services to clients in Europe as well as elsewhere around the globe. BECHT has built a strong reputation for providing engineering solutions, plant services,  software tools and learning and development to over 95% of the refineries in the US and Canada, as well as internationally in Latin America, Europe, Africa, Middle East, and Asia Pacific. Through the addition of EPS Customer Solutions, BECHT establishes a broader physical presence in the EMEA region, growing local expertise while allowing the organisation to better serve regional clients.


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