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About This Project

J. Penen & Co. N.V. acquired by Pretec Group AS and Pre Cast Technology AB


The Belgian company J. Penen & Co. N.V. (“Penen”) has sold 100% of its shares to the Norwegian company Pretec Group AS and the Swedish company Pre Cast Technology AB. Compass Finance has assisted the Dutch shareholder of Penen during the sale.


Penen is a producer and importer of steel and stainless steel products (threaded rods, double end studs, welding studs, anchor bolts, tie rods and special products) mainly for the building and construction industry, harbours, bridges, and tunnels. PDS specialises in manufacturing and supplying self drilling anchors and related items such as drill bits, couplers, nuts and spacers.


Pretec Group AS and its subsidiary Pre Cast Technology AB produce and sell products for the construction industry. Pretec supplies a wide range of products for a variety of industries, but is mainly specialised in heavy fasteners, rock support, water and frost protection for tunnels, bolts and chemical products for the concrete industry.


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